Fuel Efficiency

Cascadia boasts class leading economy, engineered from the ground up to slice through the air

Detroit seamlessly integrates its engine, transmission and axle technology to assist with maximising fuel efficiency. The Integrated Detroit Powertrain (IDP) combines with Cascadia’s aerodynamic features to produce the next generation of Freightliner fuel efficiency.

Featuring Daimler’s Detroit® DD13® and DD16® engines to deliver optimum horsepower and torque at lower RPMs, our engineers have taken Detroit’s history of performance and advanced electronics to keep your truck in top gear longer and cruising at a more efficient engine speed.

The Detroit® DT12™ Automated Manual Transmission comes standard with the new Intelligent Powertrain Management System (IPM6). The additional features of IPM6 work seamlessly to assist with optimising vehicle performance.


Slice through the air

  • Aerodynamic design to produce next generation of fuel efficiency
  • Wind tunnel tested to slice through the air and use less fuel
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Building your bottom line

  • Integrated Detroit Powertrain paired with Freightliner design gets the most out of every litre
  • DD13 and DD16 engines to suit a broad range of applications

What our customers say..

"We are just blown away by the fuel economy."

– Matthew Want, Want Transport Owner

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The Cascadia has been designed to be one of the safest road vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

Building your bottom line begins with reducing how much you spend on fuel.


Choose a truck that maximises your uptime. Choose the Cascadia.


The Cascadia doesn't just challenge expectations; it redefines them.

Driver Experience

The new Cascadia will be the most comfortable truck you will experience.


Perform remote updates and gain access to a richer amount of data.

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