Operating Lease



With an operating lease, your truck is leased to you for an agreed period with vehicle operation expenses fully covered in your agreement.

Your monthly payments are calculated based on the total kilometres you wish to cover and the length of your agreement. With low initial outlay, maintenance cover and control over the truck at the end of the agreement, it provides a low risk solution to running your truck.


An Operating Lease covers the costs of acquiring and financing your truck. On expiry of the lease you can simply return your truck to Daimler Truck Financial Services.

Optional extras are up to you – we can tailor make your Operating Lease to best suit your requirements. Service Plans can also be added to your Operating Lease contract. Service Plans ensures guaranteed genuine parts and quality. Your Operating Lease contract will be taking care of your truck servicing and maintenance costs for the term of your finance contract. All your scheduled servicing and maintenance costs are included, within the parameters of your Service Plan inclusions. You have set monthly payments that will not change for the duration of your finance contact.

  • Finance costs
  • Finance contract stamp duty
  • Truck pre-delivery costs

While our Operating Lease contract is designed to give you peace of mind, there will naturally be some things that are not covered. Some of exclusions are listed below^:  

  • Accident damage
  • Bodywork, paintwork, associated refurbishment or betterment
  • Daily maintenance checks and topping of lubricant levels between services
  • Repairs covered under warranty 
  • Repairs and driver abuse outside fair wear and tear
  • Provision of courtesy or replacement vehicle

*You should seek professional tax advice before considering an Operating Lease as an option. Daimler Truck Financial Services does not guarantee that you will receive the full tax benefit from entering into an Operating Lease. Daimler Truck Financial Services Operating Lease is available to approved business customers of Daimler Truck Financial Services, a registered business name of Daimler Truck Financial Services ABN 23 651 056 825 (DTFSAu). Standard credit assessment and lending criteria apply.

^The Freightliner Truck Operating Lease Fair Wear & Tear Guide (FW&T Guide) is provided with your lease documents or, upon request. Full details on Inclusions and Exclusions are available in the FW&T Guide. Please contact an authorised Freightliner Truck dealer for full details, including vehicle eligibility.

+Operating Lease Optional Extras and Service Plans cover packages are provided by Daimler Truck Financial Services ABN 23 651 056 825.

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