The Detroit Connect suite of vehicle services is your trusted source for insights about your vehicle’s performance and provides information to help make the right decisions for your business

Connectivity made easy

The Detroit Connect suite of connected vehicle services is your trusted source for insights about your vehicle’s performance and can assist with providing the information that you need to make the right decisions for your business.

With Cascadia, the Detroit Connect services are delivered via a proprietary online connectivity portal. This portal allows for remote updates and assists with gaining access to a rich amount of data.

Detroit Connect Features:

Detroit Connect Virtual Technician

Detroit Connect Remote Updates

Detroit Connect Analytics

Detroit Connect portal


Virtual Technician & Remote Updates

  • Virtual Technician for remote diagnostics


  • Analytics to help maximise fuel economy

Detroit Connect Portal

  • Insights into safety performance to help create safer drivers

Putting the power of connectivity into your hands

  • Remote updates to keep drivers moving

Direct access to critical information

  • All accessible through one Detroit Connect Portal



What our customers say..

"It's a beautiful truck to drive."

– Paul Mills, Mills Transport

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The Cascadia has been designed to be one of the safest road vehicles.

Fuel Efficiency

Building your bottom line begins with reducing how much you spend on fuel.


Choose a truck that maximises your uptime. Choose the Cascadia.


The Cascadia doesn't just challenge expectations; it redefines them.

Driver Experience

The new Cascadia will be the most comfortable truck you will experience.


Perform remote updates and gain access to a richer amount of data.

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