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No matter what you are carrying or what industry you are in, the primary purpose of your truck is to earn money. There are many reasons why a Service Plan from Freightliner can make this easier for you, such as attractive, predetermined maintenance and repair costs, improved vehicle operational reliability and reduced administration.* 

Our Freightliner Service Plans are flexible, which means that whether you have a fleet of long-haul trucks or a single vehicle doing local runs, we have the right combination of Service Plans to meet your particular requirements.


complete service plan

A full service package offering all round protection. Complete Service Plan covers a range of repair and maintenance work. Please consult inclusions and exclusions list in the brochure for more information. The best choice to ensure that your vehicle is in tip-top condition, is always available for use and that costs are kept under control.


  • A complete service, repair wear and tear package for all-round protection
  • Predetermined instalments
  • Reduced administration, leaving you free to concentrate on your core business
  • For terms of up to 60 months or 1,200,000km.
  • Roadside Assistance – Repairs, maintenance and towing cost are all covered if the vehicle breaks down due to a part that’s covered under the Complete Service Plan.* 


BestBasic Service Plan

BestBasic includes all scheduled servicing work for your vehicle, as per the Freightliner requirements specified in the Freightliner Maintenance Manual, along with replacing globes and wiper blades when required. We offer attractive pricing on parts and labour, including a set monthly cost for an agreed term.


  • All scheduled services are carried out by trained Technicians using genuine parts and lubricants.
  • Predetermined payments.
  • Available at any point in the truck’s life.

To find out even more about the Service Plans that Freightliner offers contact your local dealer or download the brochure using the below link.

To find out even more about the Service Plans that Freightliner offers contact your local dealer.

*Terms and conditions apply. Please contact your authorised Freightliner commercial dealer for a copy of the full terms.