The heavy duty DD15 is the latest innovation from Detroit Diesel. Heralding a new era in advanced engine technology, the DD15 boasts unparalleled power and a long list of groundbreaking features.

Key engine features include:

  • Breakthrough innovation called Amplified Common Rail Fuel System (ACRS) which delivers the fastest torque response in its class.
  • Turbo compounding system which recovers normally wasted exhaust gases and converts them into fuel efficient reusable power.
  • Excellent fuel economy and low cost in ownership.
  • Smoother, quieter engine with integrated Jacobs Engine Brake means lower emissions, lower noise and reduced vibration.
  • Longer maintenance intervals and better serviceability with modularly built engine sub-systems.

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Fuel-efficient design delivers bottom-line benefits. Designed specifically for intrastate local distribution and vocational applications, the DD13 delivers a smooth, quiet ride and improved fuel economy.

Key engine features include: 

  • Demand Economy:
    • Smart, fuel-efficient design makes the most of every litre.
    • Amplified Common Rail Fuel System (ACRS) optimises each injection event to minimise fuel consumption.
    • Advanced cooling system allows for decreased fan on time, minimising fuel consumption.
  • Demand Serviceability:
    • ​Lower your cost of ownership with easier serviceability.
    • Longest scheduled maintenance intervals in its class.
    • Oil, coolant and fuel filters are positioned above the frame rails for easier, faster and cleaner filter changes.
    • 65% parts commonality with DD15 means unmatched parts availability.
    • Maintenance-free crankcase breather.
  • Demand Performance:
    • Meet your deadline every time. Enjoy less shifting with an extremely wide and flat torque curve.
    • Three-stage integrated Jacobs brake offers quieter engine braking and provides superior braking horsepower for extended service brake life.
    • Overall robust design provides B50 life of 1 million kilometres.
    • Sturdy rear gear train and ribbed cast iron block minimise noise vibration harshness (NVH).

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Cummins ISX and Signature engines are legendary in the Australian market.

They are electronically up-rateable from 485 hp/1850 lb ft to 600 hp/2050 lb ft without any hardware changes. For ADR80-03 emissions levels, cooled EGR continues as the core technology. Cooled EGR is a simple self-contained sub-system on the engine requiring no changes to the proven Cummins 15-litre base engine design.

The key change for ADR80/03 is the addition of the Cummins Particulate Filter, a low maintenance filter that requires servicing at 500,000 km intervals in most applications.

With these engines, you’ll get: 

  • Better reliability
    Evolutionary engine upgrades are incorporated in the ADR80/03 ISX and Signature to further improve reliability and durability.
  • Better driveability and performance
    The air-fuel ratio has been recalibrated for improved throttle response, and power and torque delivery are very smooth, even at low rpm. All ratings from the 485 hp ISX to the top of the line Signature 600 deliver best-in-industry engine brake performance of 600 retarding horsepower.
  • Better environmental credentials
    Cummins has long been a pioneer in emissions research and development, investing in critical technologies in order to achieve future emissions standards while meeting the needs of the customer.

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The ISLe5 is Cummins’ latest generation 8.9-litre mid-range engine. Its SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) technology works hard to reduce emissions and achieve massive performance gains.

Complying with Euro 5 and ADR80/03 emissions regulations, the ISLe5 provides best-in-class power density and fuel economy along with proven reliability and durability.

Key engine features Include: 

  • High power-to-weight ratio.
  • Ratings up to 400 hp/1,255 lb ft. High clutch engagement torque of 575 lb ft.
  • Electronically up-rateable from 280 to 400 hp without hardware changes (depending on application).
  • High-pressure common rail fuel system with electronic injectors for rapid power delivery, low noise and low emissions.
  • Compression engine brake providing up to 250 braking horsepower. 
  • Heavy-duty design features such as targeted piston cooling, roller cam followers and steel top pistons for improved reliability/durability.

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$5,591 per month plus on roads*.

Freightliner Argosy fully maintained operating lease.

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