Simplifying your needs.

The bigger your fleet, the harder it can be to run efficiently and profitably. Freightliner Trucks has a fleet solution. It’s called exactly that because it’s designed to simplify and speed up the work required to run your fleet. Fleet solution is a national program that supports fleet operators by providing integrated and cost effective parts and service solutions tailored to meet your operational needs. While the program operates through Freightliner Trucks dealerships, it is developed and managed at a corporate level to ensure uniformity and effectiveness across any fleet while meeting your specific needs. The Freightliner Trucks National Fleet Strategy – [fleet] solution – provides sustained value for your business through:

  • A real-time fleet discount on corporate and all-makes parts
  • Special net pricing on high volume baskets
  • Unrivalled access to European, Japanese and North American all-makes products through Freightliner Trucks’ global parts network
  • A comprehensive national approach to meeting fleet service needs
  • Tailored consignment stock management at selected sites
  • Uniform business interaction through the Freightliner Trucks retail network